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Self-Closing Taps


Complementing the Franke range of public-use bathroom and sanitary ware is a range of self-closing basin taps and mixers.


Franke’s range of Self-Closing Taps are available in a choice of 5 designs, with or without a user operated temperature mixer. These taps are suitable for a wide range of applications in heavy usage public washrooms, commercial washroom and sanitary installations.  



Self-closing taps are designed to automatically shut off the flow of water after a pre-set time. Franke’s range of self-closing taps comprise of 5 models in new Franke Design Lines;



Self-closing sensor operated taps are particularly preferred by doctors, dentists and vets – people for whom hand hygiene is an absolute essential in their daily work.

From the F3 Line is the Franke F3EM1006 Opto-Electronically Controlled Pillar Tap, suitable for wash rooms in food-processing operations, large-scale catering establishments or in the cleaning areas of hospitals and health care. Sensor operated by a 6 V lithium battery, water flows through the tap when an object is detected under the tap spout which automatically opens the solenoid valve. An integrated water hygiene flushing is furthermore responsible for securing the quality of the drinking water. The combination with the optional, bidirectional remote control permits additional parameterisation and provides extractable statistical functions.



Franke’s remaining 4 Self-Closing Taps are hydraulically operated, and water flow is activated when the user lightly presses the taps push cap, which allows the chamber to fill towards the spout. On release of the pushbutton, hydraulic pressure together with a time delay spring reseals the tap after a specified period of time which can be adjusted by the installer.


Hydraulically operated taps are available in the F3, F5 and Aqualine Design Lines. With good aesthetic design and very reliable technology these taps meet the high demands placed on modern sanitary fittings.

A first of its kind in the world: an innovative highlight of the F5 series is the Franke-patented, first ceramic self-closing valve with adaptable mixer for hydraulic taps. The F5 Line leave nothing to be desired in terms of convenience and design.



HYGIENE is the key benefits of sensor taps, as the user need not touch the tap during hand washing - eliminating cross contamination between users. And adding a complimenting automatic soap dispenser and / or hand dryer further adds to a hygiene touch free bathroom. A pre-set flow rate means the user cannot choose use a higher pressure flow than needed either, avoiding necessary splashing and contributing to a cleaner bathroom.

WATER AND ENERGY EFFIECIENCY are the clearest advantages of all self-closing taps.  Franke self-closing taps are set with a low flow rate and an aerator in the spout allowing a volumetric flow of between 3 and 6 litres / minute at a flow pressure of 3 bar as compared with traditional basin taps that pour between 10 and 15 litres per minute wasting a significant amount of water when used by as little as 5 regular uses daily.  Energy is also saved by setting a constant temperature (cold, warm or premixed) compared with energy usages on lever controlled mixers.



Self-closing taps with much more complex internal workings and hence carry a higher manufacturing cost than a traditional tap. Nonetheless, developers tend to prefer opting to go this route based on the long term payoff, especially in commercial washrooms.

Another disadvantage is that during load shedding or power outage, a plug powered operated sensor taps will not work either. The Franke F3EM1006 Electronic Pillar Tap does have a battery compartment to circumvent this issue.



With the urgent focus in expanding South Africa’s medical care facilities nationally, as well as hyper-awareness of hygiene in all public facilities, there has been an increased interest in self-closing taps. Designed to aid and improve hygiene in public ablutions, the Self-Closing tap is a good choice for a washroom in any commercial space, high traffic shopping mall, school, stadium or recreational area.


To find out more about the Franke Range of Self-Closing Taps, please contact Franke South Africa on +27 31 001 5000 or email enquiry.fsa@franke.com.


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